VOICE India 

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” 
― Mother Teresa

Millions of people in India lack the basic necessity of food and water. They have no shelter, food and water, and have horrible living conditions. Majority of them also lack basic education as they have never been to school.

You can make a difference and help change the lives of so many by making a donation or volunteering.
Help us in the development of slum and village areas, provide food and water, educate, create orphanages, conduct medical camps, and much more. 

                 How To Donate                                                         How To Volunteer


Even $1 will make a huge difference. In India, just $2 can provide a satisfying meal for 4 people. Donating to those in need is one of the greatest, most unselfish gifts one could ever give.

To donate, please make any checks payable to either of the two address given in the Contact Us page.

All donations go only to the VOICE India organization and play a part in providing basic necessities like clean water and food, education for illiterate children, development of slum and village areas, and more.

Your efforts are appreciated by millions of people!

If you would like to volunteer in the United States or in India, please send the following information to info@voiceindia.org :

1. Name:

2. State and Country of Residency:

3. Contact Information (i.e. Phone, Email, Address, etc.) :

4. Area of interest that you would like to develop : ("Providing food and water", "Education",  "Shelter Development", etc.)
5. Approximate Length of Time that you wish to volunteer: 
6. Any questions, comments, or statements that you may have:

VOICE requests aid and support to help the helpless people in the areas which are in dire necessity. VOICE is striving sincerely to extend its ‘helping hand’ along with other organizations to support in every possible way. It is looking forward for the enormous support from the brothers and sisters of the country and beyond. You can help by providing food, clean water, clothes, or any other supplies which can be delivered quickly and efficiently.